Dr. William Barba’s Message for Students and Parents

Dr. Bruce Johnstone’s ‘Economics and Politics of Higher Education Costs, Tuitions, & Debts’ Lecture

Dr. Bruce Johnstone’s ‘Comparative Higher Education’ Multimodal Lecture Series

Lecture 1: Introduction to Comparative Studies of Higher Education
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Lecture 2: Variations in Purpose and Structures over Time: British, German, French, American, and Soviet Models (Models of Higher Education)

Lecture 3: Universities and the State: Privatization, Corporatization, Steering, Autonomy, and Private Colleges and Universities (Universities and the State)

Lecture 4: The Internal Governance of Universities: The Changing Academic Profession Worldwide

Lecture 5: Economics and Finance I: Public & Private Benefits: Investing in Human Capital, the Diverging Trajectories of Costs/Revenue Needs and Possible Public Revenue

Lecture 6: Economics and Finance II: The Perspective of Cost-Sharing as Fact and as a Global Policy Trend, Rational(s) and Opposition, Tuition Fees, Financial Aid, and Loans

Lecture 7: Politics and Ideologies of Higher Education

Lecture 8: Expanding Post-Secondary Participation and Access

Lecture 9: Higher Education in Middle- and Low-Income and Transitional Countries

Lecture 10: The Future of Higher Education in Comparative Perspective

Dr. Gerard J. Rooney’s ‘The Presidency’ Lecture

Pathways toward Authoring Oneself in Academia Workshop

Part 1: Smart Online Reference Search Strategies (Presenter: Mr. Chris Hollister, Associate Librarian, University Libraries)

Part 2: Smart Online Reference Search Strategies (continued)

Part 3: Successful Academic Writing Strategies (Presenter: Professor Arabella Lyon, Director, Center for Excellence in Writing)

Part 4: Successful Academic Writing Strategies (continued)